Replica Rolex Explorer II 16570

Rolex Explorer replica is not only durable but also has ultra-high practical functions. It must be said that this 16570 is extremely readable even in dark environments, so it has become the best choice for adventurers.

Replica Rolex Explorer II 16570

40MM Case

Replica Rolex Explorer II 16570 is a self-winding watch. Its 40MM case is made of stainless steel. Look carefully, its case is very thin, and the crown guard is also very small. Therefore, the entire outline of the case is more fashionable.

Oyster Strap

This watch uses a Rolex Oyster stainless steel strap. In addition, the entire watch also uses a matte treatment, the appearance has a strong sense of appreciation.

Finally, this replica Rolex has a 46-hour power reserve. Obviously, whether it is function or design, it is your reason to choose it. If you like it, you can act quickly.