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O3 ATHLETICS gives young talents in West Africa the opportunity and support they need to get to the top of their career. We have outstanding talents and are constantly on the look out for exceptional and emerging ones in all positions. We prepare a detailed Profile/ CV for each footballer and their full amtch videos are used as recruitment tool in discussions with foreign clubs, in order to match them with the ideal club for their development.

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O3 ATHLETICS has a team of in-house consultants that provides tailored football consulting services to football clubs and Academies in Nigeria and across West Africa for a fee.

Services we provide include; management of all registered players, club image management, social media management and the use of statistics in player performance improvement.

football intermediary services


CONTRACT NEGOTIATION: We secure the best deals for our clients. This is mutually benefiacial, as football clubs get outstanding talents in exchange.

 MARKETING: We are constantly sharing the Profile and showreel of our footballers to prospective clients and professional football clubs.

FINANCIAL ADVICE & WEALTH MANAGEMENT: We hold the player’s interest at heart, both in terms of their career and their finances. We ensure our clients move to bigger clubs at the right time and help look after their assets, ensuring they are well invested and managed.

IMAGE RIGHTS: We ensure our players maintain a good reputation, in order to boost ans sustain their image.

 VALUE ADDED SERVICES: In addition to the services listed above, we provide a variety of other services that may be required by any individual footballer. To know more, kindly get in touch.

Featured Program

Football clubs and Academies can request for assessment of their players by filling the contact form or by clicking the FREE ASSESSMENT buttons on this website. The maximum age of Academy footballers we will assess is 18 while that of Pro League and Premier League footballers is 21, as at the time of making the request. This assessment is free !

talent scouting

We have a network of ex-footballers, coaches and football enthusiasts that are proficient in identifying talents, regardless of where they play/ train. We monitor their attitude to training and the respect they show towards coaches and teammates before making a decision to work with them. Academies and Local Footbal Clubs in West Africa can invite O3 ATHLETICS to their training sessions and matches to evaluate the performance of selected players.

player management

O3 Athletics provides bespoke services for footballers. We assist in negotiating contracts, working on transfer to bigger clubs at the appropriate time, manage their brand and image, give legal counselling on executing all contracts signed, suggest investment opportunities and give post-career advice.

club sourcing

We work directly with Sporting Directors of football clubs and also with football agents in Europe, North America and Asia, and we are continuously expanding our network to be able to place more young footballers. We work with young footballers across West Africa (Nigeria, Benin, Togo, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Mali and Gambia). We ensure the players we recommend are of the right age.

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