1.west african championship

2.time trial


O3 ATHLETICS organizes athletics competitions to identify exceptional talents that can be groomed to become superstars in future.

We are constantly giving opportunities to young athletes to achieve their dreams by providing scholarship opportunities for them, to continue their education and at the same time, have access to modern training facilities & equipment.


west african secondary schools

The West African Secondary Schools Athletics Championship is an annual competition for the fastest secondary school students in West Africa. The WASSAC takes place at the end of each session and the next edition would hold in Ghana in August 2020.

Participating countries include: Nigeria, Benin Rupublic, Togo, Ghana, Sierra Leone and The Gambia. Events to be contested are; 100M, 100/110M Hurdles, 200M, 400M, 800M, Long Jump, High Jump, 4x100M and 4x400M relay.

The WASSAC promises to be a fun-filled event, as students from different countries, speaking different languages, get to interract for three (3) days. The fastest students from the US, UK, Canada, Bahamas, Jamaica and France have also been invited for the competition. 

In addition, we would be expecting representatives of the NCAA and scouts from selected universities, Nike Academy and the Aspire Academy in Qatar.

time trial

The Time Trial is specifically organized for athletes under the age of 19 and is targeted at discovering talents that can be drafted into the PROJECT 2028+ program.

The Time Trial would take place at different cities across West Africa, starting from February 2020. All running times would be measured with the electronic timer. Disciplines include 100M, 200M, 400M, 800M and Long Jump.


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