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About Us

o3 athletics is a sports marketing & management organization that provides a platform for young footballers to explore their potential and fulfil their dreams

vision/ values

To continuously produce homegrown African, World and Olympics champions, by leveraging on a structured grassroots network, dedicated nurturing and early exposure to international competitions.


PEOPLE: We treat everyone equally, regardless of ethnicity, culture, religion or race.

INTEGRITY: We do not take ethical or professional shortcuts.

EXCELLENCE: We stretch our possibilities to achieve the best possible outcome everytime.

“Finally, A sports marketing organizationwith youth development at its core.”

At O3 ATHLETICS, we provide the much needed opportunity for young footballers to explore their talent, in order to have a long and fruitful career.

We do more than scouting, sourcing for clubs and signing associated lucrative contracts, as we give advice on personal finance, investment, legal issues and post-career opportunities.

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Making an impact

our driving force

In a generation where millions of jobs are being replaced by automation, and Youth Unemployment Rate keeps increasing in Africa, sports can be used as a tool to first engage the youth and then, empower them. Sports in general and football in particular, can be a source of employment for sportsmen and women, scouts, trainers, coaches and paramedics. Engaging the youths also has a positive effect on the society, as more people are taken out of crime, drugs and prostitution.

At O3 Athletics, we use the universal passion for sports to transcend linguistic and socio-cultural differences, and bring people together. We leverage on sports to engage youths, improve leadership and promote mutual understanding, transferring lessons from the field; communication, respect and teamwork, into the community.

How do I sign up with O3 ATHLETICS Management?

Footballers cannot sign up with O3 ATHLETICS.

We have scouts and talent evaluators who are always on the lookout for emerging talents. Those are the people that make the decision on who we sign up.

Interested footballers can ask for free assessment of their talent by clicking the appropriate buttons on this website.

How many players are under O3 ATHLETICS?

O3 ATHLETICS manages individual players and Football Clubs/ Academies. As such, there is neither a specific number nor a limit to the number of footballers we can accommodate, as the number keeps growing.

Our ultimate goal though, is to secure better opportunities for our footballers and teams.

Which clubs do you have affiliation with?

O3 ATHLETICS works with several football clubs in many countries in Europe, Asia and Australia.

Where is O3 ATHLETICS located?

O3 ATHLETICS is headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria and we work in seven (7) West African countries; Nigeria, Benin Republic, Togo, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Mali and The Gambia.

Are there age restrictions for players to be signed?


We only sign footballers that are within 3 age categories: 15-17, 18-20 and 21-24, and we sign both amateur and professional footballers.



Do you sign female footballers also?

At the moment, we do not have any female footballer under O3 ATHLETICS but we hope to do so in the nearest future.


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Monday-Friday: 9am - 6pm

Saturday: 12pm - 4pm