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O3 Athletics is a sports management organization that provides a platform for young athletes to explore their potential and fulfill their dreams.

We provide opportunities in football and athletics to young sportsmen and women across West Africa. We also provide sporting services to individuals, organizations and institutions world over.

In a generation where millions of jobs are being replaced by automation, Youth Unemployment Rate keeps increasing in Africa. When properly managed, sports can be used as a tool to reduce unemployment, as it can be a source of employment for sportsmen and women, scouts, trainers, coaches and paramedics. Engaging the youths also has a positive effect on the society, as more people are taken out of crime, drugs and prostitution.

At O3 Athletics, we use the universal passion for sports to transcend linguistic and socio-cultural differences, and bring people together. We leverage on sports to engage youths, improve leadership  and promote mutual understanding, transferring lessons from the field; communication, respect and teamwork, into the community.

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To use sports to engage youths from an early age, as an opportunity for skills and character building, alleviation of juvenile delinquencies and the promotion of peaceful coexistence.


To continuously produce homegrown African, World and Olympics champions, by leveraging on a structured grassroots network, dedicated nurturing and early exposure to international competitions.


PEOPLE: We treat everyone equally, regardless of ethnicity, culture, religion or race.

INTEGRITY: We do not take ethical or professional shortcuts.

EXCELLENCE: We stretch our possibilities to achieve the best possible outcome everytime.


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