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Let’s see what are pharmacies Online Vardenafil and brands and what are their advantages. The pharma company holds an active advertising campaign and gradually creates a new recognizable trade name – brand.

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The confirmed analogue cheap Silagra called generic. There are several types of equivalence: Pharmaceutical – the generic must fully repeat the pharmacy Online Vardenafil formula and composition. Generics receive new name and differ in package, form and possibly color of pills, but have similar to pharmacy Online Vardenafil international name. One and the same brand can have hundreds of generics.

However generics price beats the brand. It can be explained by low ad pharmacy Online Vardenafil and the fact that the there is no need to search the active ingredient formula – the original company sells the brand formula. Thus, there are generics of various brands, whose price is by times lower than the original.

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Pharmacy Online Vardenafil

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Pharmacy Online Vardenafil

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